Psychology is all about you and us helping you on a path to your new life. If you have tried therapy and it did not work do try again people do get better seeing a psychologist on the northern beaches can be an exciting process there is literaly so many good psychologists to choose from. One must always be willing to engage in therapy for highest chance of success patient outcome. At northern beaches psychology we try our best to make your journey into a new life as easy, hassle freed and enjoyable as possible. A Northern Beaches psychologist can help

Sometimes therapy is hard

In therapy, everyone will have a rough patch and go through difficult times where they just don’t want to do therapy anymore. This is where most people go wrong as therapy can be the most enjoyable experience one can ever have upon completion it can literally change your life. A great therapist will explain this to you and really it is usually when you feel like giving up is the time to go more frequently as success may be just around the corner.

If you are doing therapy and getting anywhere do not despair it is very normal to have a moment where you struggle with therapy. Not everyone will struggle at the same stages. Early on and later on towards the end of counseling is where most patients hit their hurdle.

Mental health is a serious matter and no matter how hard you therapy maybe we encourage everyone to complete treatment and give themselves the best chance at a better life.

Servicing the Northern Beaches

With so many different locations we are literally the number one company on the Northern Beaches we aim that no one living in Sydney’s northern beaches should have to drive longer than 15 minutes to see a therapist we are nearly there. With locations in Newport Frenchs Forest psychologist Terrey Hills Belrose and other surrounding suburbs, it is easy to see why we are the leader in mental health on the northern beaches. Psychology is ever evolving and we at primary health aim to change at a fast rate in order to keep up with modern times. If you are unsure whether you need to see a mental health care professional ask your local GP. Never try to self-diagnose and always include medical professionals.

If I need to see a counselor urgently?

If you need to see a counselor urgently please see reception, we do a same-day crisis service and are more than happy to help in a bad situation. If you need urgent help call 000 now or attend your local hospital.

Many therapists will perform the same day session however many won’t. Scroll through google and ring around if our therapists cannot see you immediately.

Always seek help from trained professionals.