Contact a psychologist on the northern beaches

A psychologist can and will help. If it is an emergency please call 000 now or go to your nearest hospital.

In many cases, people just think about seeing a psychologist or think about getting help. If you are in this state we urge you to reach out and actually take the plunge and get help. We treat anxiety, depression, mid-life crisis, eating disorders both men and women. There are many other types of mental illness we treat including OCD, panic attacks, trauma and much much more. Located on the beautiful northern beaches we are proud to be local and proud to be helping locally. Our team of psychologists is amongst the best in the world. We want to promote high-quality care that is both professional and kind. Many in mental health care become immune to peoples struggles and lose their touch of humanity. If for any reason you have a complaint we would love to hear it.

How much does a psychologist cost

A psychologists pricing on the Northern Beaches Sydney ranges from $160-$220 on avergae. There are various flucttuations in pricing mainly based on experience training and how busy or quiet a psychologist is.

Medicare Rebates

In order to claim a rebate you will need a mental health care plan to be written by your local GP. This will entitle you to the first 6 sessions of a medicare rebate. You can then go back to your GP and he or she may write a care plan for a further 4 sessions.