Psychologist Northern Beaches

Psychologists across the Northern Beaches are not scarce and finding a good northern beaches psychologist is not a hard process. However, finding a psychologist that specializes in your unique situation will be slightly tougher. The problem being every psychologist advertises that they specialize in Anxiety, Depression, Trauma etc. They literally all say that they cover everything when in fact this is not true. In Australia, there are over 26,00 thousand registered psychologists. The mental health market is literally flooded.

Finding a great therapist

It is an absolute must to find a great therapist in your journey to recovery. Health care Northern Beaches our goal is to match up therapists with clients who we believe will suit each others needs and be a good team. It is also our goal to be the highest quality mental health care team in Australia. It is almost impossible to great therapy with someone you do not like.

To find a great psychologist the first and most important thing to do is have a list with the following questions:

  • How long has the therapist been practicing for
  • Has the counselor done their own therapy
  • Can I afford regular treatment with them
  • Do I like them?
  • Is the drive not too far to be done regularly
  • Are they the right fit for me
  • Can I trust them enough to be 100% honest
  • Are they my type of person
  • Is the therapist of an age that I will relate to them
  • Can I afford regular therapy

We guarantee the best therapy

Our organization guarantees the best therapy available, with 100% money back satisfaction or a free consult with a different therapist should you decide you do not wish to use the first that has been assigned to you. In therapy, it is common no matter how good the assessment is that someone will not want to continue therapy with the therapist and want someone knew. This is common and we understand them for we offer a free consultation with another psychologist on the northern beaches should you choose to not continue therapy with your first therapist. One of the most important aspects of finding a  the right psychologist is that there is a good fit, so to speak, between psychologist and client. For that to happen the psychologist needs to be well seasoned in his or her training in psychotherapeutic skills, also, a good psychologist if one that is doing at making a correct assessment of your circumstances and presenting symptoms.

Located on the Northern Beaches

We have several locations on the Northern Beaches including Mosman, Balgowlah, Dee Why, Frenchs Forest Newport. In having so many different locations we try to guarante that having a matching therapist should it not work out with the first therapist is an easy transition. you can literally go to another in another suburb without the stress or worry will the initial therapist be happy.

We treat Anxiety, Depression, Eating disorders, Mid-life crisis, obsessive compulsive disorders and much more. All our psychologists are registered and if you have a refferal you are entitled to a medicare rebate. Pending on if the psychologist is clinical or generaly registered the rebate will vary.

How long will i need therapy?

This is the most common question we receive. However the length of therapy required for each individual is so variable it is almost impossible to give an accurate assesment over the phone. To receive a more accurate answer the treating psychologist will be able to answer this question more accuratly after 2-3 sessions. Therapy can be long term and it can be short, however we aim to support you through the process all the way.